In Organic We Trust Food Documentary Earns This Skeptic’s Seal of Approval

I’m pretty skeptical when there’s a new food documentary that hits the scene. I’ve been scared in to or out of so many things because of this genre. Since Morgan Spurlock first freaked us all out with Super Size Me, or once the revolution rose up with viewings of Forks Over Knives, I’ve learned to take all these films with a grain of salt and consider the source.

Today, a new food-doc film is being released to the masses. I got an early screening of In Organic We Trust, and reluctantly agreed to watch it and review.

I expected another film assuring me of the horrific dangers of pesticides from the mouth of one hippie farmer and/or some suited lobbyist swearing that those darn hippies are out of their mind, “there’s no need for organics, pesticides won’t hurt you.” About 10 minutes into the film I was impressed, engaged, and intrigued. In Organic We Trust was on to something.

Director and producer Kip Pastor is like most of us – trying to eat organic because it’s better for us. Right? This was his first of many good questions that kicked the film off. Pastor spent a large portion of the film questioning farmers and advocates for and against organics, questions like, “what is organic?” “Is it better for you?” “Is it just a marketing ploy?”. He got really good answers and not blind faith answers. Also, many organic farmers proved to be a great source as they didn’t tout the label “organic” as the end-all be-all to a healthy life. Pastor had some great sources. As a food doc skeptic, I loved this.

Pastor investigated the “Certified Organic” label and gave me great lunch table conversation. Immediately my eyes were opened to what it takes to get that label and I was eager to share with the next person who’d listen. “Did you know…?” Bottom line, that label technically means my food is organic, but it doesn’t mean I really want to eat or support the company who technically passed certification. For example – look who was paying to vote against GMO labeling last year. Again, my eyes were opened and I don’t think I was being sucked in by some compelling food doc Kool-Aid, this guy asked the right questions of the right people.

Finally, I was inspired. Pastor interviewed people who are engaged in a way to live better. Better ways to sustain our land, better ways to reverse our obesity problem, better ways to feed our kids, and better ways to put good food right in our backyards. There are change makers out there who are using words like organic, natural, and healthy the way they were meant to be used. To see those fighting the good fight, put this film on your must-see list. Their message needs to be heard and we all need to learn from them.

I walked away with at least one first step that I wanted to take. Not because I was scared into it, or because I was given one-sided information. I was inspired to do so. I want my son to grow up healthy and I want his friends to as well. I want my family to escape the obesity trap, the onset health trap, and if possible, the non-curable disease trap. I want my world to be healthier from the soil up.

In Organic We Trust will be available nationwide On-Demand starting today, January 22, 2024. Do your whole generation a favor and check it out.

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