Jane Fonda Releases New Workout DVD at 72

Jane Fonda is as much a staple of ’80s pop culture as Rubik’s Cubes, Pac Man, mullets and valley girls. She’s synonymous with the leg warmers and leotards that were so famous in that decade. While those days are long gone, Jane Fonda still looks great and is in the midst of a return to the fitness world… at the age of 72!

In the fitness diva’s reboot, Fonda is focused on senior fitness. She has a new DVD series called “Jane Fonda: Prime Time.” The ongoing series currently consists of two titles: “Fit & Strong” and “Walk Out.”

Fonda’s new DVD series is geared towards seniors, in that the exercises are low impact and some can even be done while seated. The ageless Fonda decided to do the fitness videos while researching her upcoming book, “Prime Time: How to Have a Great Third Act.”

“In the research that I did, it really struck me that it’s one thing to exercise or not exercise when you’re young; your body’s forgiving. It’s important, it’s good, it’s not a big deal,” she says. “When you get older, it becomes mandatory to stay physically active. If you don’t, almost every part of your physical being is going to be impacted negatively.”

With the weight loss industry estimated at $60 billion, most of that business doesn’t target the senior demographic, something that Fonda felt was sorely needed.

“The videos that I saw were very good, but not something I could do. And if I can’t do them…”

While she looks great, Fonda admits to going weeks at a time without exercise. But her commitment over the long haul has made a huge difference in her health, which made her return to the fitness spotlight seamless.

“I thought I would never, ever do this again, [but] because I’m old, I have credibility in this arena, and no one’s targeting this demographic,” she says. “I’m the one to do it.”

(via: Newsweek)

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