Jenny Craig Introduces “MyDays” for More Flexible, Realistic Eating

This week Jenny Craig announced a unique addition to their popular weight loss program. They are calling it “MyDays.” The new plan allows for users to have a few days a week where they do not eat the program food, rather learn to eat on their own.

The Jenny Craig website describes the “MyDays” program as a new weight loss option that is intended to fit people’s real lives. The days allow for users to attend family dinners or even a night out at a restaurant while still remaining on the weight loss plan. Simply put, those on the program eat for five days of Jenny Craig foods and then they have two days to make their own choices.

Obviously the plan doesn’t allow for total free reign on the “MyDays” schedule. Consultants will work with clients to teach them how to make healthy, real-world choices that will work all through their life, not just while they’re on the program. The intention is to allow for flexibility that will inevitably lead to long term weight maintenance.

The consultants won’t just give guidelines, they will provide clients with realistic food goals for their two days off the program’s food. They will also help clients learn how to make choices, not just suggest salads, but walk them through what healthy eating truly is. Along the entire journey, consultants will be available for support at any step in the process.

It seems that many of the successful diet plans have added some sort of flexibility aspect into their plans, allowing dieters to stick to a plan if they know there are some days that aren’t nearly as rigid as others. It makes sense in theory, if there’s something, like a night out, to look forward to, making sure today’s meals are right on track may not seem so difficult.

Jenny Craig offers free consultations to interested individuals. They say they’ve now added “MyDays” to “fit your life.” They are also claiming that “it’s a new Jenny.” This new addition may have them climbing the popular diets of 2020 list.

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