Jillian Michaels Leaves The Doctors Half Way Through Her First Season

In true “here today, gone tomorrow” fashion, Jillian Michaels has left the cast of The Doctors. She has been a part of the cast for less than half of a season and, as the only non-physician on the show, served as their fitness expert.

Michaels, who was well known as the “in your face” female trainer for many of the eleven seasons of The Biggest Loser, has decided that she will no longer be a series regular for the syndicated show, which focuses on health and wellbeing. She had previously announced a desire to start a family and given that as her reason for departing from The Biggest Loser. She released this statement concerning her time on The Doctors:

“This January I will be departing my role as a regular co-host on THE DOCTORS.  I have enjoyed my time on the show and the opportunity it provided me in my mission to help others improve their lives.  Although it wasn’t the fit both the show and I hoped for, it was a great experience and I wish the show nothing but success.”

The abrupt departure leaves avid fans stunned, but the rumor is that she is not gone for good, and may be invited for guest appearances.

Michaels is well known and admired for her incredible ability to help overweight people transform their lives. She appeared on The Biggest Loser from 2004-2006 and then again from 2022-2022. She also hosted her own spin off show, called Losing it with Jillian. In past interviews, she credited that show with a desire to start a family, saying that her time on the show with children showed firsthand what she was missing.

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