Join’s Circle on Google+

You obviously already know to find us on our blog.

You probably like us on Facebook.

You may even follow us on Twitter.

But have you circled us on Google+?

Well, it’s the cool new thing to do, like quinoa, kale and chia seeds. Only you can’t eat it.

Will it make you healthier? It will attempt to. Only you can truly do that. But with our hottest stories, tips, and reviews streaming your way on Google+ you’ll never miss any of our best information that you can use to make healthier decisions. So in that six-degrees-of-separation, Kevin-Bacon-game sort of way, joining us on Google+ will make you healthier.

Need more? Well, how about:

  • Easily keep in touch with the DIR team
  • Learn the latest news in dieting and wellness
  • Filter the news you receive
  • Connect with like-minded DIR followers

We’ll see you over on Google+.

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