Jorge Cruise launches book tour

Jorge Cruise is currently on a 20 city tour at various Barnes and Nobles promoting his 10th book “12-Second Sequence”. As we were waiting for the discussion to begin Jorge came bursting through the doors of the Barnes and Noble in New York City, kicking of his book tour energetically, despite the frigid temperatures in the teens outside. His promotional tour is perfectly timed with the New Year as the majority of New Year’s resolutions center around health and getting in shape.

Jorge began his discussions by talking about his passion for health and wellness and spoke about his perspective on ridding the body of fat. “This does not mean having to starve ourselves or perform cardio for hours,” Jorge states. The key being to build muscle strength by fatiguing the muscles. You will not change the muscle or body composition without this key component. This compressed program touts the ability to create muscle quickly, which then directly impacts our resting metabolism (the state of our metabolism when we are well, resting) leading to more calorie burn throughout the day.

After an overview of the program, Jorge lead a sample lunge exercise from the 12-second Sequence with members of the audience spread throughout the store. The countdown to 12 began and the audience members participating confirmed feeling the burn that Jorge has spoken about. He also at this point spoke on a more personal level about growing up overweight himself and not having good role models to look up to. In this 10th book, that took 2 years to write, are pages on eating well, meal plans and an exercise tracker. In addition, the book provides a self-administered fitness test, which then leads the reader into his 12 second sequence 8-week challenge. As well as joining the 8-week challenge, readers have the opportunity to win $10,000 by signing up at and uploading their before and after photos. 10 winners will be selected.

Jorge ends by asking us all “Are we ready to take on the challenge?” Are you?

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frustrated says:

This book is a scam – yes, the exercises work, and yes the (brief) references to eating every three hours and a diet focusing on lean protein, lots of veg and smart oils makes sense. But, what is disgusting about this book is that after three weeks, the author tells you to now join a gym or buy gym equipment. It is maddening because it’s pushed as a standalone solution – and it isn’t. It’s a supplement. The only thing that you’ll learn that you could have also learned elsewhere, is to do fewer reps and do them very slowly. After your first three weeks, expect to fork over $$$ for a gym or forget the results. Hope I saved you money – this guy is pushing nothing new and making a fortune.

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