Josh Steele Lost 305 Pounds and Became a Personal Trainer to Change More Than His Own Life


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Since we first featured Josh Steele’s 250-pound true weight loss story, he has continued to make tremendous strides forward. Josh has lost another 55 pounds, had skin removal surgery, and even became a personal trainer. It’s the kind of story that deserves being told once… twice… as many times as we can!

“Losing more than 300 pounds is crazy!” he told

“I went from [being] the unhappy, depressed, lonely person to someone full of energy and hope for the future,” he said. “Some days I am just blown away by how far I came in just two and half years.”

That’s right! Less than three years and more than 300 pounds later, Josh is a new man!

Hard work, dedication and clean eating, while following Chris Powell’s Carb Cycling Plan, put Josh on the path to long-term success. While he’s still committed to eating clean, he doesn’t necessarily follow the Carb Cycling Plan anymore.

“As far as my diet goes now, I kind of do my own thing,” he said. That is truly a mark of success. The diet framework, for all its bad attributes, can actually be very supportive. It’s when you can take what you learned, lay it aside and say to yourself, “I’ve got this” that you’ve truly transformed.

Learning which foods he should eat and which foods he should not, paying close attention to nutritional values, and staying away from processed foods keeps Josh on track these days. Temptations are still a “constant battle,” but Josh refuses to let it knock him off track.

“Before I would get down on myself when I fell into temptations, and then it seemed like the rest of the day was ruined,” he said. Now, it’s easier to bounce back.

His day-to-day has changed, too, especially now that he’s a personal trainer. Josh trains people three mornings a week, works a full-time job, and trains others three nights a week.

“I never dreamed before I started that I would be a personal trainer, but it is one of the most rewarding feelings helping out people and using what I gained from my journey to help make someone’s life better.”


Now that he’s closer to his goal weight, he doesn’t work out as often as he did at the beginning of his journey (which was twice a day!), but still gets in five or six workouts a week.

He even joins his clients to push them, but “what they don’t realize is that it pushes me,” he said.

During his workouts, Josh focuses on circuit training and HIIT training to get his heart pumping. He’s also trying CrossFit.

“I love the type of workouts where I feel drained afterwards,” he said. “It is rewarding when, after a workout, a client will say, ‘Wow that really kicked my butt!’”

For those starting their own weight loss journey, Josh simply says: “Believe in yourself.”

“Going through a weight loss journey will be tough, but being overweight and unhappy is so much tougher than losing weight,” he said. You will hit hurdles, he said, and what you do next is what shows your true character.

“So just get up and start moving! And always believe in yourself.”

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