Kim Kardashian Tweets Herself into a Cookie Diet Lawsuit

Oh, to be a celebrity who is a celebrity for the sake of being a celebrity. Kim Kardashian, who stars in the E! channel’s hit reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, is well paid. Kardashian has a contract with in-stream advertising company to plug products, reportedly for an obscene amount of money – $10,000 per tweet!kim kardashian

I’m not sure what that comes out to per second, but let’s do a little math. If an average tweet is 20 words, that’s $500 a word. Ugh.

But, not all is wine and roses for our little Kimmy. Apparently, the doctor behind Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet has sued her for allegedly defaming him on Twitter. Heck, all she has to do is write a couple hundred words, and hand the income over to the Cookie Doc, and be done with it.

Last October, it is alleged that Kardashian tweeted that Dr. Sanford Siegal was “falsely promoting” that she was on the Cookie Diet. “Not true! I would never do this unhealthy diet! I do QuickTrim!,” is what she allegedly posted on her Twitter page. “If this Dr. Siegal is lying about me being on this diet, what else are they lying about? Not cool!”

In a lawsuit filed last week in a Florida state court, Siegal alleges that what Kardashian has said is false and defamatory. The diet doctor also says that she was on QuickTrim’s payroll at the time.

It is believed that some of her advertisers include Reebok EasyTone and fast food chain Carl’s Jr., the latter of which recently featured her in an ad for their new salads.

So, not only is she a master thespian on her very own TV show, but brilliant prose like this nets her (allegedly) 10k:

“Ummm hell yes! Khloe has lost 25 lbs! I lost my last annoying 6 or 7 lbs! RT @BrittGriff1 @KimKardashian does it really work?”, regarding diet product QuickTrim.

Good work if you can find it.

(via: PopCrunch)

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