LifeKraze App Launches for Android, Improves for iPhone

Since September, the LifeKraze App has gained more attention and made some improvements. Just today they released updates making the application available for Android users.

The Android platform allows users to share photos or links from any share-enabled application, helping them get in to the “team” aspect of LifeKraze. The Android app will function with several screen sizes, including tablets.

LifeKraze has added updates to the iOS app as well. Those Apple users can navigate on a rebuilt format that includes a new custom photo function with LifeKraze filters. The app is up to 4.5 times faster on the iPhone 4 and 3.5 times faster on the iPhone 5.

Essentially the app has become available to all formats, runs faster, and leaves you with very little excuse not to get in on the craze of making better choices.

Last year, LifeKraze president Jay Kelley told us the app should be “classified more broadly than a ‘fitness app.’ Although many people are using LifeKraze to share their runs, their healthy eating decisions, and their weight loss, we provide a community and a points/rewards system that individuals can (and do) use for a much wider range of accomplishments.”

Read our full LifeKraze app review to understand how they’re incentivizing healthy living.

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