McDonald’s “Big America” Is a Hit in Japan

McDonalds in Japan

McDonald's Texas 2 Burger

Although Japan is often associated with long lives and a healthy diet, McDonald’s is fattening its menu with burgers named after places in America. The burgers are topped with unconventional ingredients and clock in with extremely high calorie counts.

The Texas 2 burger features chili, three buns, cheese, bacon and totals 645 calories. The Miami burger has 557 calories and contains tortilla chips. The Manhattan burger consists of pastrami and mozzarella cheese stacked on top of the beef patty.

Although McDonald’s has tried to give customers healthier options in the United States, the chain restaurant is trying to capitalize on image of “Big America” in Japan. The burgers are only available for a limited time, and many Japanese want to try them before they’re gone.

“It looks just like what I imagine American burgers to be,” said Tomomi Sasaki, a McDonald’s customer in Shibuya. “Big, and rich in flavor.” She ordered the Texas 2 burger. “If it’s only around for now, I have to try and test it out.”

Via ABC and The Wall Street Journal.

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