myInsens Raises the Bar on Incense and Ignites the Senses for Peace of Mind

A boost of positive energy, an experience of total pleasure, and a jolt of pure ecstasy are what we all seek. A tranquil mind, a balanced life, and a calm spirit are what we all need. To realize these wants and needs, we must be open to let love quench our senses and assuage our desires. I found my love wrapped up in a pretty little velvet black box.

Derived from the most exotic, aromatic, and luscious blends of herbs, resins, and oils from around the world, myInsens incense sticks have just raised the bar in the incense industry.

Kaivan Dave, creator of myInsens, founded the company in the latter part of 2023. After spending six months developing more than 120 fragrances, he and a team of researchers decided to narrow it down and only select six of the absolute best, most pleasing aromas.

They made excellent choices. Unlike certain brands of incense products, which can have a strong chemical odor, myInsens smells natural and clean.

Just seconds after taking myInsens sticks out of their attractive and sophisticated case, you’ll already begin to feel aroused. Designed to stimulate human emotion, their unique bouquets of rare and exotic fragrances do quite well in igniting a passion for life. Also used in preparation for meditation and in yoga classes, certain flavors of myInsens have a calming effect on the mind.

The materials are hand crafted by a well-supported workforce of local villagers in the Indian state of Gujarat. The company and its founder, Kaivan, promise to give back to those people who put their love into making a delightful product from which we can all derive so much pleasure.

Others who support myInsens are internationally celebrated yoga teachers Tiffany Cruikshank, Ashley Turner, Kia Miller, and Yoga Journal’s January 2023 cover model Insiya Rasivala-Finn. Of the many loyal ambassadors, all agree that the high quality, care, and social responsibility of the company are its best features.

Variety packs or packages of single scents are available online at If you have a hard time deciding which aroma is best for you, myInsens offers a ‘signature scent’ questionnaire to help you discover your perfect match. My signature scent is myJoy. My love is myInsens.

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