New Years Resolution Survival Guide: Eat Healthy and Lose the Weight for Good

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If your diet is getting an overhaul in 2024, you aren’t alone. Eating healthier to lose weight is the most common New Year’s Resolution, and the people that make that resolution usually have the same one each year, because year after year, for whatever reason, they don’t achieve it.

Whether your resolution is to finally lose the weight for good or to simply eat healthier to feel better, making changes to your eating habits can be tough. Food and the way we eat are effected by so many emotional and physical factors, it can be hard to fight past the triggers, habits and cravings to make positive changes.  Whether you are a beginner and don’t know where to start, or just need all the strategies you can find, we’ve rounded up our best strategies for making better nutritional choices for every New Years Resolution to give you your best chance of success.

Resolution: “I will eat healthier”

Whether you have a lofty goal of cutting out junk food for good, or want to make small changes, like eating more fruits and vegetables (which can actually help you quit smoking, another admirable New Years Resolution), incorporating more whole grains, or drinking more water, each step toward making healthier food decisions can add up to better health- and a smaller waistline, to boot.

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Resolution: “I will plan and prep my meals ahead of time”

Planning your meals and prepping them ahead of time sounds like a lot of work, but for a few hours of dedicated work, you can save yourself tons of time, money and calories. Prepping meals ahead of time will set you up for success, but not only preventing you from grabbing convenience (junk) foods when you’re short on time, it helps you control your budget and cut down on wasted food while ensuring your daily intake is healthy and well-balanced.

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Resolution: “I will eat less by cutting calories and watching my portions”

While the quality of your calories is important for proper nutrition, energy and all around health, if weight loss is your goal, paying attention to the quantity of calories you consume is paramount. Cutting back on calories and knowing your portion sizes will let you enjoy all the foods you love while still staying on track to achieve your 2024 goals.

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Or if you do better with a stricter set of rules, find a diet plan that works for you. Here are the Most Popular Diets of 2024 as chosen by you, our readers!


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