Purina and Jenny Craig Introduce Project: Pet Slim Down

By Kelsey Murray

Who ever would have thought that Purina pet food and Jenny Craig would be teaming up to work on a weight loss program?

According to Jenny Craig, now going by “Jenny” only, 66 percent of Americans are overweight or obese, but they are not the only ones with a weight problem. A study in 2022 found that 55 percent of dogs are considered overweight or obese and 54 percent of cats are also considered to be carrying too much weight. In an effort to combat this problem, and get both man and man’s best friend in better shape, the two companies have created a website for their weight loss program Project: Pet Slim Down.

The website will feature several overweight pets as they start and complete their weight loss journeys. You can even submit photos of your own pet, if Fido is a little chunky or if Whiskers needs to trim up a little bit. The website also offers plenty of tips concerning weight loss for pets, such as how much food you should be feeding your pet and how to help Fluffy tone her abs. (Yes, dogs have abs, too!) For inspiration, you and your pet can watch the pet weight loss reality series that is also featured on the website.

If you are concerned about your pet getting the proper nutrition while also cutting calories, there is information about various pet foods and treats offered by Purina. There are also coupons, which can help you save up to $77.99 on special Purina products.

In order to get you and your pet’s weight loss off to a good start, take a few steps in the right direction. Daily walks with your dog will be great for both of you, and your dog is sure to enjoy the outdoor activities. You can also toss toys inside the house for your dog to chase and bring back to you or make an obstacle course for your cat to climb through in order to get to his or her favorite resting spot. Just like with humans, any activity will help your pet burn calories, so make a (late) New Year’s Resolution for your furry friend to get in better shape along with you!

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