Review – Fresh the Movie

fresh the movieFresh, a movie that was produced in 2022, and similar to Food Inc., shines a light on the American food system. The spin that Fresh takes on, which I found refreshing, is the positive focus on what individuals are currently doing to transform what is at the moment a broken cycle. The movie confronts many issues that exist such as food contamination, environmental pollution, obesity, and affects on our natural resources.
Some of the highlights I have from the film are as follows:

  • Through industrialization we have lost 90% of our crop diversity as the majority now focuses on corn and soy beans
  • Of those crops, 70% are grown to feed farm animals, which should be noted are herbivores (eating grasses and herbs)
  • Back in the day animals roamed free on farms. Through industrialization, livestock has become big business and thousands of animals are now housed in tight quarters, commonly referred to as “Animal Cities”.
  • One farmer was able to save $14,000 by throwing out the use of antibiotics for his animals and eliminated all veterinarian bills as well

I won’t give away all the amazing and eye-opening points in the film as I hope you will have the opportunity to view Fresh, which will get you thinking more thoughtfully about the food you are buying and eating. The movie features Michael Pollan, NY Times bestselling author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma, and most recently on the bestsellers’ list for “Food Rules.”

We are fighting for consumer choice and everyday you spend your dollar you are voting for the type of food that will be in your supermarkets and on your dinner table. It’s time to stand up and say no to companies like Monsanto and industrialization. Say no to pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and antibiotics in our foods. Say no to “animal cities,” where animals are kept in horrendous conditions and fed our commodities of corn and soy, they are herbivores after all. Say no to growing just two crops on all of our soil – corn and soy beans.

I hope you will join this fight. For more information on Fresh you can visit Fresh the Movie

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