Rick Santorum’s Ice Cream Addiction

Rick Santorum with chocolate ice cream coneHaving a sweet tooth is extremely commonplace, but it becomes noteworthy when it comes up more than once in a political campaign. We’ve notice that Rick Santorum has made quite a few comments about how much he enjoys ice cream.

Santorum’s daughter Elizabeth looks after her father’s health on the campaign trail, and confirmed that he doesn’t always pick the most nutritious meals. The 20-year-old has taken time off college to follow her father, making sure he eats and sleeps enough dispute his grueling schedule of events. Without her, Elizabeth told reporters that her father’s diet “devolves into McDonald’s and milkshakes and unhealthiness.” We wonder if he’s heard of the ice cream diet.

However, part of running for Prescient means appearing approachable, and that often means eating the less healthy staples of the American diet, including beer, chicken wings and pizza. Early in his campaign, he frequently healed town hall meetings at ice cream parlors, Santorum has also admitted to being “addicted” to ice cream, and revealed that “you cannot produce a dark enough chocolate for me.” He has tweeted about his approval of Chick-Fil-A’s seasonal “hand-spun” shakes, adding “I am hooked!”

Despite the sweet tooth, Santorum appears to stay quite active. One of his backers, Foster Friess, praised Santorum for starting his day with 50-push ups. With his ambitious schedule, it seems he’s always on the go. We just home he’s on his feet enough to justify all those calories.

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