Sam’s Club Offers $99 Health Screenings

Sam's ClubMembership warehouse Sam’s Club is now offering a new kind of discount: on health assessments. The health screening plan can help customers assess their health and identify areas of risk, without the costs of going to a doctor.

“Through our member insights, we know our members want to stay in control of their health,” Jill Turner-Mitchael, senior vice president of Sam’s Club Health and Wellness, said in a press release. “We’re proud to offer these simple health solutions, including free health screenings along with great products like The Prevention Plan, so our members can maintain control of their health decisions, minimize health risks and keep health care costs low for their families, employees and themselves.”

The package includes an online health risk assessment, at-home blood screening tests, and over 20 online health education programs and tools. The program was designed by U.S. Preventive Medicine, a privately owned company that creates health care tools.

What do you think? Would you purchase self-assessment tools like these?

Via Yahoo Shine.

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