Science Teacher Loses Almost 40 Pounds on “McDonald’s Diet”

Inspired by Morgan Spurlock’s documentary, Super Size Me, science teacher John Cisna from Iowa decided to help take his students’ education out of the classroom. He engaged in  a three month experiment much like Spurlock’s, eating McDonald’s every day, but instead of indulging and not exercising, he followed a more structured program which he discussed on TODAY.

  • Cisna’s students put the menus together which included nearly everything on the McDonald’s menu from salads to Big Macs to sundaes.
  • His students tracked his caloric intake and 15 different nutrients
  • Cisna walked 45 minutes a day for three months during the experiment.
  • Cisna stuck to a 2,000 calorie per day diet and stayed within recommended daily limits for carbohydrates, sugar, protein, and fat.
  • He lost 37 pounds during the experiment, and his cholesterol levels decreased from 249 to 170.
  • His salt intake was more than twice the daily recommendation.
  • He’s now in the second phase of the experiment which ends March 15. Cisna is following the same caloric and nutrient restrictions, but changing up his exercise routine.

We have to agree with TODAY show correspondent and registered dietitian Joy Bauer when she said, “It’s not where you eat, it’s what you eat. You eat less, you move more, it [weight] comes off.” Those are the reasons John Cisna lost weight while only eating McDonald’s, not the food.

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