Sensa: Can You Really Sprinkle Yourself to a Healthy Weight?

By Descygna Webb

As we kick off another year in the world of New Year’s Resolutions that include dieting and losing weight, several products are in the spotlight. One product called Sensa is getting a lot of buzz as the answer to every dieter’s prayers. Sensa includes Tastants that you sprinkle on your food before you eat. That’s it. You don’t have to work out, diet or do anything but sprinkle this stuff on everything you eat and you’ll lose weight.

Typically, products making claims like that are those you should run from, and fast. Sensa Tastants use your sense of smell to help you feel full while eating less food. Sensa has done a clinical study to prove that the product works. In a study of over 1,400 men and women over 6 months, there was an average weight loss of just over 30 pounds. The people participating in the study were told to continue eating the same foods they always have, but to use Sensa on everything. There was no change in their everyday habits other than using Sensa. There is a red flag with this study though. There is no proof that anyone outside of the Sensa organization oversaw or reviewed the study. This means that there is no credible unbiased third party that can vouch for this study or its results.

Aside from the questionable study, there is a big problem with the “free trial” offered by Sensa. People everywhere are complaining about the fact that they were told they would only be paying for shipping, but got charged multiple times for the product and were placed on a monthly auto ship program. Getting a refund seems to be an ongoing project as well. In addition to problems with customer service, Sensa Tastants include carmine. Carmine is basically a red dye that is made up of crushed insects. Carmine has not been proven to aid in weight loss and products that contain it are not required by law to list it on their labels. Chances are, most people that order Sensa don’t realize they are sprinkling crushed insects onto their meal.

As you hear time and time again, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. There are some natural sources of fiber that can help you feel full while eating less, and you don’t have to worry about hidden credit card charges or someone selling you overpriced crushed bugs.

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