Shake Up Your Saturdays with a Last Chance Workout

By Sarah Nitta for Biggest Loser Resort

Most of us find ourselves following the same routine throughout the weekdays. A lot of us typically follow a similar schedule Monday through Friday, making it easier (not easy, just easier) to plan in time to workout and prepare healthy meals.

The weekend, on the other hand, is a whole different story. For lots of people Saturday is their one day off for the entire week, and it is tempting to stay inside all day, relax, and maybe be rewarded for their hard work week with unhealthy foods.

At The Biggest Loser Resort we have a different idea of what Saturdays should entail. Each person that chooses to take part in our Saturday last chance workout receives not only a buff to wear with pride, but the bragging rights for completing a very real last chance workout. Trust me, I know, I have experienced a last chance workout on the ranch with Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, and I have to say that our last chance workout the Biggest Loser Resort leaves me just as sweaty and satisfied!

See for yourself (with a cameo from Biggest Loser alumni and current Resort trainer Sione Fa):

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