Sodexo Switches to Meatless Monday Nationwide

Meatless Monday nationwideOne of the largest institutional meal service providers, Sodexo, is now supporting Meatless Mondays nationwide. Sodexo piloted Meatless Mondays at college campuses across the U.S. and at the John Hopkins Hospital. The success of these programs lead Sodexo to roll once-a-week all-vegetarian menus to all their food outlets.

Sodexo serves universities, hospitals, senior centers, corporate and government cafeterias. “Sodexo is proud to combine our culinary expertise with the knowledge of our clinical dietitians to integrate meatless meal options that meet the nutritional needs of students learning in schools, patients recovering in hospitals, and employees engaging worksite wellness programs,” said Nitu Gupta, the vice president of brand management for Sodexo health care in a statement for “Meatless Monday provides a healthy and tasty alternative for people looking to implement a healthy diet change, which explains why it has been so popular.”

The goal of Meatless Monday is to get individuals to reduce their consumption of meat by a modest 15 percent, to improve personal health and protect the environment. Sodexo’s commitment to Meatless Mondays will bring the movement to thousands around the country.

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