Some Benefits of Water

Eight glasses of water a day… it’s the mantra of a healthy diet that nearly every human on the planet knows. While there has been some minor debate as to the exact amount we need to ingest every day, there’s no denying that it’s a cornerstone to healthy living. You only have to go as far as understanding our anatomy for the light bulb to go off.

The human body is about 60% water. So, since more than half of you is H2O, don’t you think you should do your darnedest to get your daily intake? Here are a few of the benefits of getting enough water every day:
1. Let’s start with the biggie: weight loss. Everything that happens in your body depends on water. It helps flush out the by-products of your food digestion. Your kidney and liver function depend on it. If you aren’t getting enough, they aren’t working efficiently, which includes efficiently metabolizing fat.
2. Reduce hunger. Many times when you feel hungry, your brain is just tricked into believing it when in reality you’re just dehydrated.
3. Stay beautiful. Being hydrated means your skin will be healthy.
4. If you just aren’t going, get more water. Constipation isn’t fun. And it may be happening because you’re dehydrated.
5. It’s a money saver. If you’re drinking filtered water at home, just think how much you’d save not buying soda.

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Brandi says:

You know- three years ago I weaned myself off of Dr. Pepper and soda as my resolution. It was easier than I expected. Now I drink nothing but water and 100% juices. Once in a while I’ll let myself have a Dr. Pepper or Coke- but one is more than enough. All that sugar! ;(

Anyone else having good luck w/ such a resolution this year?

Waterbug says:

This is a good post that covers a lot of benefits of drinking water. I think you should also add clearer skin. I’ve seen a world of difference in my skin since drinking more water. I actually use this bracelet called Count Me Healthy Jewelry. It’s beautiful and it actually helps me keep track of how many glasses I drink a day.

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