South Carolina Recipes Delicious Enough to Win a Primary

All eyes are looking south today as the South Carolinians head to the polls for one of the most influential votes in this election year. It’s an event with weeks of build up, and voters across the country are anxiously waiting the results to hear if Romney, Gingrich, Paul, or Santorum, (or maybe even the Colbert/Cain ticket) moves a step closer to the GOP nomination.

Prepare a Carolina-inspired feast today, with all of the hospitality and flavor Southern recipes are known for, and less of the fat and calories that make the foods famous.

BBQ Pork Sliders are slender little sandwiches that pack everything you love about a full-size barbecue sandwish. Roast a pork tenderloin in your favorite barbecue sauce (or use Republican John McCain’s rub recipe), and prepare a homemade coleslaw. Add all of this to dinner rolls or slider buns and everyone will quickly nominate this as a house favorite.

Simple Cornbread is great to serve alongside any stew or chili. If you aren’t voting in the primary and holding out to cast your vote for the Democrats, then you could also prepare President Obama’s chili recipe.

Hoppin’ John Burgers use a Southern favorite, black eyed peas, to make hearty burgers. Combine black eyed peas with onions, jalapenos, garlic, and smoked ham and then cook inside on a skillet.

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