Stars Who Love Their Bodies

Superstar singers face loads of pressure when it comes to their image, weight and overall appearance. How much confidence does it take to say publicly that you are “OK” with your size, no matter what it may be? These superstars defend the body they have now and their right to be happy with their image.

Christina Aguilera

Superstar Christina Aguilera admits that she is happy in her own skin and goes on to say that as long as her boyfriend is happy with her body and she is happy with her body, that’s all that matters. The rest is just noise that she blocks out.

UK Singer Adel

One of the most popular artists right now, Adel, says that she doesn’t really care what other people think about her weight or the way she looks. She’s happy the way she is. She also said that she’s seen other people obsess over wanting to be thinner and how it wears them down. She doesn’t want that in her life.

Jessica Simpson

Singer and actress Jessica Simpson is constantly scrutinized regarding her weight fluctuations. Now that she’s expecting her first child, the spotlight is even brighter. She combats the criticism by saying that she has more pride in herself now and has found what was beautiful on the inside.

Kelly Clarkson

Since becoming American Idol’s first winner, Kelly Clarkson has endured many criticisms throughout her career and most of it has to do with her weight. However, she refuses to add fuel to the fire and says that she doesn’t have a problem with her weight or the way she looks. She is fine just as she is.

Miley Cyrus

Teen singer Miley Cyrus recently fought back against tabloid commentaries on her apparent weight gain by Tweeting a photo of Marilyn Monroe and saying that she loved being shaped like a woman instead of a girl.

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