Stay Motivated With Weight Loss Advice from 5 Top Life Coaches

Can you believe we’re already halfway through January? It seems like just yesterday we were counting down the seconds to 2024! With the new-ness of the year beginning to wear off, it can be easy to fall into a mid-month slump where your weight loss resolutions begin to feel less important and less feasible.

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Get back on track! To help you stay true to your weight loss goals we compiled advice from several leading life coaches. Read on for motivation, inspiration, and hopefully the extra “oomph” you need to keep on going!

Julia Stewart, MMC – President,

  • Cultivate mindfulness. This ancient Buddhist approach can be applied to any moment in your life that you want to enjoy more—or have more control over. Notice when you’re hungry; learn to distinguish between cravings and genuine hunger. Feed the latter, not the former.
  • Stop hating yourself. You can’t beat yourself into submission, but you can develop a healthy relationship with your body by appreciating all the ways it does its best to support you.

Terri Babers M.A., CPC, ELI-MP –

  • Stop fighting with yourself over your weight. One of the best ways is to stop talking and thinking about losing weight or weight “loss.” As long as you dwell on losing it, there is always that subconscious idea that you might actually want to find the weight again!
  • Focus on health. Instead of losing weight, you think and speak about gaining a vibrant, healthy energy both inwardly and outwardly. That way you can stop thinking of yourself as a victim of your cravings or of your own ‘laziness’ when it comes to going to the gym.
  • Be positive. Instead of “I’ve GOT to lose this weight” (spoken in frustration, anger, shame) you can say, “I am so excited to be my own healthy, energetic self!” You can say it truthfully.

Tim Brownson –

  • Don’t rely on will power. Will power is a finite resource that depletes throughout the day. There’s a reason you are more likely to crack when tired or not feeling good and it’s because you simply do not have as much will power—nobody does, it’s basic science. Plan accordingly and try to avoid situations where you will be tempted to get pulled off track at times when your will power will be at its lowest.
  • Get help. The most successful people on the planet are often those who aren’t afraid to seek help. It doesn’t have to be paid help; it could be joining a support network, committing to friends and/or family members of even getting a gym buddy.

Dr. Crystal Green –

  • Eat protein with every meal. When we eat enough protein, it aids our body in getting and staying full, which is more satisfying than carbohydrates, fats and sugars. Our muscle mass is conserved, and the fat burning process is promoted.
  • Sleep until you are well rested. In order for us to function throughout the day experts suggest an average of 7-8 hours of sleep a night. What is crucial about receiving enough sleep is the fact that it impacts our ability to perform well in addition to promoting optimal health and weight control.
  • Keep it Moving. When it comes to exercise, don’t think about a formal routine—think about having fun and simply moving. So what is it that you enjoy? Swimming, running, kickboxing, yoga, whatever it maybe just do it, some form of physical activity will provide you with the benefits that you need to keep you in shape and essentially healthy.

Jane Woods –

  • Work hard to resist the advertisers that promote impossible to achieve, airbrushed, unrealistic images of womanhood. They are not real women, and trying to become like that will be impossible and very dispiriting. Instead embrace your body and learn to love it whatever shape it is. Focus on what’s good about you.
  • Think about being healthy. That’s a good goal to have and won’t just be about weight loss; this will help shift the focus a little. You know that as soon as you use the word “diet” in your self-talk you become food obsessed. Think “becoming healthy.”

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