Supermodel Marisa Miller Shares Her Swimsuit Secrets

Shape Fitness ModelMarisa Miller is appearing on her eighth cover of Shape this February. She’s also a Victoria’s Secret model and has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue. So how does Marisa stay looking swimsuit-season-ready? She’s a lifelong athlete who’s passionate about a sport that keeps her moving.

Marisa played many sports in high school, and today, she enjoys stand up paddle surfing. Also known as SUP or Hoe he’e nalu in Hawaiian. It is an ancient form of surfing that’s recently gained international popularity. For Marisa, paddle surfing can be therapeutic. “I think it’s important when you exercise that you have something that’s fun to do.” Marisa is partnering with Surftech create a line of paddle boards that are specifically for women. “Even if you don’t surf, it’s a great way to be out in the ocean,” says Miller in and interview with Shape.  Marisa has been stand up paddle surfing with for the past couple of years. The sport is a total body workout, with particular emphasis on the core body muscles.

The model says that her mother was a big inspiration for being a fit person. “My mom was a big part me having a positive foundation for living a healthy lifestyle and having an awareness of my body.” Marisa says her mom got her a gym membership at the age of 16, and encouraged her to be healthy and strong.

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