Tasty Atkins-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

If you’re trying the Atkins Diet this year as part of your weight loss goals or New Years Resolutions, then you’re probably going to start missing carbohydrates pretty soon. As an admitted carb-addict, I could never go for more than a few hours without a tasty piece of bread or something like that, especially in the morning. Bacon and eggs for breakfast once a week sounds nice; bacon and eggs for breakfast every day of the week does not sound like such a good idea to me. Here are some different breakfast ideas that are still Atkins friendly and won’t send your blood sugar levels soaring.

Breakfast #1

Who would have thought it was possible? Pancakes and waffles without all the carbs? Score! Try these Low Carb Pancakes or Low Carb Waffles to see for yourself how tasty low-carb can be. And, of course, you’re going to want to top those pancakes and waffles off with some Low Carb Maple Syrup, aren’t you?

Breakfast #2

Just because you’ve sworn off straight bacon and eggs for breakfast this week doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy an omelet. This Puffy Omelet with Cheese Sauce will give your taste buds a break from the usual while still keeping you on track to accomplish your weight loss goals. Or you can try the Ham and Cheese Omelet for a more traditional flavor.

Breakfast #3

If you like eating fruit, this breakfast will make you smile. The Something Strawberry smoothie is quick and easy to make and tastes like something you would buy at a gourmet smoothie shop. You can also have a serving of Peaches and Ricotta, which combines sweet peaches with tangy ricotta cheese.

Didn’t find your favorite baked goods breakfast food on this list? Use our Atkins Baking Mix to make any of your favorite recipes!

by Kelsey Murray

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