Terrell Owens’ In-Season Workout

terrell owensWhat do NFL superstars do for their in-season workouts? Do they lift hard or do they skip workouts during the season? Well, Terrell Owens, a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, is a firm believer in discipline and making working out a priority in his life regardless of whether his team is in-season or not. Terrell was traded to Dallas from the Philadelphia Eagles a few years ago and has made a significant impact on the team’s success.

Terrell believes that success all comes down to three things: eating right, sleeping right, and maintaining healthy workouts. Low carb, high protein meals and six to eight hours of sleep each night are a few of the keys to his success. He is also big on changing the workout routine to eliminate boredom. Mr. T.O. lifts hard and heavy during the off season and somewhat light during the season to help maintain his size and endurance. He uses bands and dumbbells for most of his in-season workouts. He modifies each of the lifts to fit his body and to give each muscle a different range of motion. Below are a few of the exercises T.O. does during the season!!

Try performing two or three sets of twenty for each exercise below:

Band front raise, side raise, shoulder press, curl, and extension. You can also switch to dumbbells from the band if needed.

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