The 11 Most Criminal Examples of Food Gone Too Far

Have you ever seen a picture or video of food that made you sick just from looking at it? That’s what happened when we saw a video from the Travel Channel’s popular show Man v. Food. The dish was so piled with meats, cheeses, sauces, and who knows what else, it could no longer be identified as food.

We know that food challenges aren’t the only culprit when it comes to shameful servings, so we decided to come up with a rap sheet for the worst food felons. Here’s our Most Wanted list of top culinary criminals starting with the simply overindulgent and ending with the disgustingly gluttonous.

green tea latte

Wanted for: Imitating a Healthy Beverage – Green Tea Latte
Starting off our list is the deceptive Green Tea Latte from Starbucks. Getting a venti (20 oz.) of this beverage with whole milk will cost you 500 calories and 71 grams of sugar. So much for the idea of green tea always being a healthy choice.

disney ice cream sandwiches

Wanted for: Ridiculous Use of Sugar – Ice Cream Sandwiches
Disney, it’s a happy, magical place. It’s also a place where you can get ice cream sandwiches as big as your face. The two homemade chocolate chip cookies and three heaping scoops of ice cream are delicious, but I speak from experience when I say you’ll have sugar shakes and nausea for hours after eating.

Wanted for: Doughnut Disrespect – Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe
If you though the Krispy Kreme burger was bad, you haven’t met its cousin, the Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe. Featured at the Mountain State fair last year, the un-jellied jelly doughnut filled with cheese and Sloppy Joe meat comes in at an estimated 529 calories and 19 grams of fat. Just what you want to eat before hitting all those rides.

fried thanksgiving dinner

Wanted for: Ruining Thanksgiving Dinner – Fried Thanksgiving Dinner Balls
Have you ever had the craving for a fried Thanksgiving dinner? Me either, but that’s exactly what visitors to the State Fair of Texas got in 2024. Homemade stuffing and turkey are rolled into a ball, dipped in cream corn, rolled in cornmeal, and fried. Oh, and don’t forget the cranberry sauce and giblet gravy served as dipping sauces.

chicken nuggets

Wanted for: Masquerading as a Date Night Meal – 20 piece McNuggets
Though advertised as a meal for two, I’ve known people who have tackled the 20 piece McNugget meal on their own. Considering the nuggets alone have 840 calories and a medium fry packs in 380, eating this meal will set you up with nearly a day’s worth of calories. It will also probably make you sick.

fried pickles and chocolate

Wanted for: Frying Foods that Should Not be Fried: Everything at the Minnesota State Fair
North Carolina has a Sloppy Joe on a doughnut, Texas fried your Thanksgiving dinner, but Minnesota is out to top them both by frying, well, everything. Need fried pickles coated in powdered sugar and drizzled with chocolate? How about wine glazed deep fried meatloaf? I can feel my arteries clogging just thinking about it.

the beast toppings

Wanted for: Ruining the Good Name of Cheeseburger – The Beast
This travesty of a cheeseburger was released in Wichita, KS on Christmas Eve. As Mary Hartley, R.D., said, “To put it in perspective, one burger provides almost two days worth of calories, sodium, and calcium; 3.5 days worth of fat, cholesterol and iron; 6 days worth of protein; and 16.5 days worth of saturated fat; but (oops!) no fiber.”

Wanted for: Excessive use of Toppings: B3 Burrito
This six-pound, two foot monstrosity is known as the B3 Burrito. It contains over 5,000 calories, and enough cheese sauce to fill a kiddie pool (I may have exaggerated there, but not by much). Adam Richman of Man v. Food admitted to spending a miserable hour on the treadmill after failing to complete this eating challenge.

mac daddy pancakes

Wanted for: Defamation of Traditional Breakfast – Mac Daddy Pancakes
Mac Daddy Pancakes, found in Hawaii, features three 14-inch pancakes topped with a whole pound of your choice of toppings. For example, a pound of blueberries and butter. We love pancakes, but this buttery nightmare is one we’re happy to stay away from.

Wanted for: Weighing the Same Amount as the Average Chihuahua – The Knucklehead
In Sacramento you can find the Knucklehead, a dish with over a pound of hot dogs stuffed into a 16-inch French roll, covered with 3 pounds of chili, then topped with jalapeño nacho cheese, tomatoes, diced onions, pickles, and tortilla strips. Add a pound of fries and this “meal” weighs in at just over five pounds.

papa bob ultimate destroyer

Wanted for: Crimes Against Eating a Reasonable Amount of Food – Papa Bob’s Ultimate Destroyer
Completing our list of Most Wanted food criminals is Papa Bob’s Ultimate Destroyer from Bonner Springs, KS. This monster sandwich features a 12-inch hoagie bun, a half-pound each of pulled pork, smoked pork, ham, turkey, smoked brisket, and sausage, four slices of bread, three half-pound hamburgers, and barbecue sauce. It’s also served with one and a half pounds of fries and four pickles, in case you were concerned there wasn’t enough food to feed the small village that this sandwich will surely serve.

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