The 7 Deadly Sins that Caused Shay Sorrells’ Post-Biggest Loser Weight Gain

Shay Sorrells, from Biggest Loser 8, and our former Biggest Loser Correspondent, reached out to today to share with that life since her finale in 2022 hasn’t been easy. She bravely opened up on her Tumblr page with what she’s calling the “7 Biggest Mistakes I Made after Loser.”

She was one of the heaviest contestants in the show’s history, and one of the most inspiring with a loss of 225 pounds. Now, at the start of a new year, Shay finds herself moving forward with her weight loss journey once again.

In her post she says “I have begun to refocus my direction. I am in therapy and finding my way again. While I am not as heavy as I was starting out on Loser, I am no where close to my finale weight at the culmination of my transformation.”

She cites many factors for finding herself in this position, seven to be exact, and isn’t placing the blame anywhere but in her own hands. “I take full responsibility and attribute much of my ‘relapse’ to the seven biggest mistakes I have made post-Loser.”

In speaking up, and especially those who are in a similar situation, Shay says “If I can help any of you out there from joining me here at the bottom of the slope then I have done my first good deed of 2022.

Where exactly did she go wrong? It’s never one thing, or one day, or one choice. It’s a lot of things that always add up. The “seven deadly sins of weight loss” that Shay calls out are summarized here.

1. I stopped measuring. Measuring portions, with a scale or a measuring cup, is a fool-proof way to control how much you’re eating. That is, until you start relying on “eyeballing” measurements, which Shay found herself doing.

2. I took a break. Someone close to Shay advised that she take a break after she left The Ranch to give her body a little time to recoup from the vigorous workouts. She did, and wound up regretting it. She says what she should have done, and what others should do, is to try something new, change the intensity, but don’t just stop. She’s working on getting her groove back.

3. I stopped journaling my food. The practice of food journaling is key in so many weight loss journeys, and it was for Shay. She lost her BodyBugg account when Biggest Loser ended, and started relying on FitBook by Fitlosophy. She advises that people use whichever tool, be it a simple notebook or an iPhone app, that suits their needs best.

4.  I didn’t listen to my body. She stubbornly fought to run the NY Marathon, with a cash prize waiting for her from Subway, despite all medical advise to forgo the intense running. She ended up injured and set back from doing any workouts at all.

5. I thought I would be OK on my own. She let go of the support network that inherently comes with being a part of the Biggest Loser family, and even turned away from family and friends. She thought she could do it on her own, but wound up learning that everyone, no matter how independent, needs those relationships to help them meet their goals.

6. I started caring more about what others thought of me. Too wrapped up in what others thought of her, and a fear of letting family, friends, and fans down, Shay slipped from the spotlight. She turned down appearances, and even denied ever being on Biggest Loser.

7. I stopped caring. Going on autopilot was one of the worst things Shay could do for herself.

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