The Muhammad Ali Workout

In the first minute of the first round of this 1965 fight, Muhammad Ali knocked-out Sonny Liston.

“I am the greatest!!” “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!!” These are a couple quotes from the greatest boxer of all time. Today I am going to take a closer look at the workouts and lifestyle of Muhammad Ali. I actually had the opportunity to visit with him at his home in Michigan a few years ago. My family is from the same area, which allowed for the amazing opportunity. He is currently suffering from Parkinson’s Syndrome, which is affecting his speech and loco-motor movement (walking).

During his prime, he would get up during the five o’clock hour to do some light stretching before he ran his six miles. After his run, he would get washed up and eat. His diet consisted of all natural foods such as chicken, steak, green beans and other vegetables, potatoes, fruit, 100% juices, and plenty of water. Mr. Ali hit the gym every afternoon for about three hours for training. His training consisted of the following:

Warm up
– 15 Minutes
– side to sides
– torso swivels
– jumping around on toes to limber up

Shadow Boxing
– 5 X 3 minute rounds, working on footwork and speed punching
– 30 second break

Muhammad Ali woke at 5 a.m. each day to train.

Muhammad Ali woke at 5 a.m. each day to train.

Heavy Bag
– 6 X 3 minute rounds, working on combinations and stamina
– 30 second break

– built up sparring as camp progressed

Floor Exercises
– 15 minutes (300 in total)
– bicycle crunches
– sit-ups with medicine ball
– leg raises

– 9 minutes
– 1 minute break

– 20 minutes
– Never stopped moving

Shadow Boxing
– 1 minute, walking around with light shadow boxing

Muhammad Ali did not use weights in his workout and it seemed to pay off for him. Genetics are a huge part of what type of workout works for you. So what worked for Muhammad might not work for others.

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Fascinating tidbits about an American icon. Thanks for sharing!


Elias Jones says:

What about the jump rope?

Andrew Olemgbe says:

I’m pretty sure the 20 minutes of skipping mentioned skipping rope

hasnat khan says:

i love boxing you will not believe my age i am 13 and my body shape by the grace of Allah is very good and in the future you will see me as the world champion in the future remember my name Hasnat Khan and i will make history one day i train every day 3 hrs and i am in cadet college Batrasi Pakistan and i will make history and the world will remember me as Muhammad Ali is remembered and you will make lists of my workouts. i have almost no equipment with me except some Dumbells and a machine for chest and shoulder workouts but it not the equipment that makes you great its the will and my will is stronger that the rocks and mountains and one day you will respect this email .Hasnat Khan. remember the name!

Anonymous says:

Good my younger bro and expect to see you in boxing ring ad soon ad possible

G.O.A.T says:

Can’t wait to see all of you!
We are all inspiring athletes,with a goal in mind!Keep up the hard work!We will see in the future who is the better man!Amen!

Anonymous says:


Grayson Jay Burgess says:

Can’t wait to see you in the ring Hasnot Khan, am coming as well.
I am 12yo Grayson Burgess. (Remember the name)

Anonymous says:

See you to!I am striving to be the greatest!

G.O.A.T says:

May you have success in the ring,fellow brother.I want to start boxing to,I am Sarmad Qureshi.I also want to one day become the GREATEST!May the best man win!;)

Anonymous says:

mashallah, hope you will grow stronger.

Shivam Tripathi says:

Ofcourse you will brother
I am 28 and had started just now
But i will meet you in the ring

Deontae Mckenzie says:

I’m a Jamaican 17-year-old inspired boxer, i don’t know how i developed the love for this sport but i know it is my calling. i will follow this workout to the best of my ability. Watch out for me on the T.V and Youtube!

Anonymous says:

If Ali did it then it must be the right workout because he was the greatest!

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