The New Kraft Store Kiosk Makes Meal Planning Simple

What will technology come up with next? Kraft has done it again! According to Kraft, 70% of the people that enter grocery stores do not know what they are going to have for dinner that night. So, Kraft has designed a grocery store kiosk that allows you to do pretty much anything under the moon when it comes to grocery shopping.

One of the coolest features is that it can scan your face and literally provide you with dinner options and recipes. The camera scans your face and the “anonymous video analytics technology” predicts what you might want eat it for dinner that night. For instance, it will determine if you look like a mom, the kiosk will recommend Oscar Mayer weiners and some Mac ‘n’ Cheese. If you look like a a college student with bloodshot eyes, it will send you to the frozen pizza aisle. How sweet is that?

While those hardly sound like good dinner choices, the kiosk also offers multiple healthy recipe options that you can scroll through and if you like one, all you have to do is simply touch the screen and it will send the recipe immediately to your phone. It also has an option of being able to provide sample foods while you grocery shop. Simply touch that part of the screen and a sample is immediately dispensed.

The kiosk has a sense of humor, as well, offering you the option to make a bobble head of yourself. I have no idea why this helpful but it looks rather fun. So the next time you go grocery shopping, look for the Kraft store kiosk for dinner ideas and healthy recipes.

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