The New Nike+ FuelBand Tracks the Fuel You Burn with Every Step

There was a time when the only option one had for tracking their activity was a pedometer– a simple machine that clicked over a number after it sensed a step. Those days are long gone. There are many tracking devices on the market and Nike just introduced the latest and greatest this week.

The Nike+ FuelBand was just introduced. It’s a sleek personal accelerometer that measures activity in what Nike calls “Fuel” units. Every motion from walking to breakdancing is tracked by the band and contributes to a daily tally of “fuel” you’ve consumed.

The band contains two arrays of LED lights. The first horizontal strip of lights measures the users progress turning from red to green as the goal is met. The second array is white and serves as a display screen to light up “steps,” “cals” (calories) or “fuel.” These are the categories the FuelBand tracks. The user links the band with a computer to initially set daily goals and then they can track and chart their progress as they move through out their days. The band also pairs via bluetooth to a smartphone app so the user can monitor their progress on-the-go.

There are a few drawbacks, however. The band is water resistant, but not water proof, so it can’t be used for swimming. The band also can’t sense resistance exercises such as weight lifting, or an activity like bike riding as the wrist is stationary.

Yes, the days of having an analog tally of steps is long gone. Hopefully this product and others like it will make it much easier and more convenient for people to make true health changes.

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