The Pinterest Diet Supports Weight Loss with Recipes, Motivation and Fitness

I fought joining Pinterest for a while because I didn’t want to have to keep up with one more social media platform. I barely use Google+, I can go days without reading my Facebook stream, and I’ve abandoned any themed boards years ago. My cousin kept raving about it, so I eventually took a look, truly wanting to not like it. I joined Pinterest because there were so many pretty things and simply browsing the pins was soothing. I truly believe that adding more art and beauty to our lives improves mental health.

Pinterest has been mocked as the place where women go to plan imaginary weddings, dress children that don’t exist, save recipes we’ll never prepare, and decorate homes we can’t afford. It may be true for some, but there are ways that you can use Pinterest to help you meet your goals of changing your diet and exercise habits. Pinterest can be a great source for recipes, new ideas, and motivation.

You can view a few of those ideas and examples in this slideshow:

View 10 Ways Pinterest Support Weight Loss Slideshow

To join Pinterest, you may need an invite from someone already using it; however, you can browse freely at any time. Once you have created a Pinterest profile, you can start building your own collection of pins and boards. If you are using Pinterest to help with dietary or exercise habit changes, I suggest you create motivation, exercise, and recipe boards. Create whatever boards work best for you.

Follow friends who motivate you or others who are pinning things that motivate you, even if you do not know them. While there are plenty of not-so-healthy recipes or images that you might not appreciate, there is plenty of positive about Pinterest, too. It’s up to you to create your Pinterest experience.

Whether you use it for motivation or just to insert a bit more beauty into your life, it is worth checking out.

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