The Skinny on Fat: Why this Nutrient is Essential for Weight Loss

Fat makes you fat, right? Wrong.

For years, all fats have been made out to be a delicious incarnation the devil. As a health and nutrition coach, I get questions all the time from my clients about low-fat diets and avoiding avocados and olive oil in case they cause weight gain. Some have even justified eating an entire bag of Twizzlers because it says, “No Fat”.

healthy fats

Listen up: Fat is not the enemy! At least, not entirely.

Let me be clear in saying that there are many kinds of fats, including the saturated and trans fats found in candy bars, processed foods, and T-bone steaks—these are generally no good. But there are also the natural fats found in whole foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, salmon, coconuts, and olive oil, which are so, so good!

Following a diet that restricts or prohibits consumption of all fats is denying your body of essential nutrients for basic human function. Good fats, such as monounsaturated fatty acids, help to:

• Regulate hormone levels
• Absorb vitamins
• Stabilize blood pressure
• Improve digestion
• Improve cognitive function
• Make you feel full faster!
• Make things taste better!

Here are my favorite ways to sneak in some more healthy fats:

A morning smoothie. Consider adding your favorite nut butter, coconut oil, or even hide a spoonful of pure fish oil into the most important meal of the day.
Hold the mayo. Think about using nature’s mayonnaise: the avocado! Spread slices of raw avocado on your bread and skip the calorie-packed dressings.

Go nuts! Adding walnuts, almonds, and flaxseeds as toppings to your favorite cereal, yogurt, or trail mix is a great way to hide a superfood punch into your snacks.

Supplement, if necessary. I always suggest choosing the whole or natural food version of any nutrient, but if these foods can’t find your way into your routine, do your research and consider talking with your doctor about adding a fish oil or Omega-3 supplement from a reliable and safe source.


Katie McGrath is a private nutrition coach and corporate wellness consultant committed to natural health and happiness. She is totally in love with all things yoga, nature, and guacamole. Follow her on twitter at @healthcoachKM.


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