Chicken, Quinoa Dominate Top 10 Food Trends for Second Year

Want to know which foods were hot this past year and what to expect for 2024? Foodily, the world’s largest social recipe network, keeps tabs on what visitors have been searching for over the years. Since 2024 the site has seen “the decline of red meat and the increase of healthy eating related searches,” says Foodily co-founder Hilary Mickell.


What else is on tap for 2024?  Here are the top 10 trendiest, most searched for foods in 2024. BONUS: We’ve included our favorite recipes so you can be sure to fit them in this year!

Top 10 in 2024:

1. Chicken. This standard red meat alternative can get a little plain sometimes, but not with this Apple and Herb Dutch Oven-Roasted Chicken! Check out our tips to use the leftovers for equally as awesome meals for the rest of the week.

2. Salmon. Still not sold on this superfood of the sea? This Walnut-Encrusted Salmon will help you sneak in this heart-healthy  fish that snagged the #2 spot this year.

3. Pasta. Even with the gluten-free fever going around, you are still searching for more pasta. If wheat is okay for your body, lean towards the whole grain options when possible. Try this simple Gorgonzola Pasta Toss salad.

4. Quinoa. Pronounced “keen-wa”, this is one of the most ancient grains in human history, naturally gluten-free, and has the most complete protein for all you herbivores and health nuts out there. Check out our Toasted Quinoa Corn and Avocado Salad .

5. Salad. The healthy eater’s go-to, salad is not likely to go out of style. Spice it up this year with power greens like spinach, arugula, or rainbow chard. Add your favorite greens in with this Spinach and Orange Salad.

6. Soup. Especially in the winter months, searches for soup just skyrocket. Stay warm and satisfied with this super easy 7-minute Vegetable Soup.

7. Cookies. Believe it or not, cookies can have their place as a part of a balanced diet. Try our 17-day Diet Power Cookies if you don’t believe it!

8. Pizza. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, it will be amore with these superfood Quinoa Pizza Crusts. Bonus points for combining multiple items on this list!

9. Vegetarian. Still haven’t hopped aboard the Meatless Monday train? These Black Bean Sweet Potato Burgers may convince you otherwise.

10. Kale. What’s all the fuss about with kale? It’s only one of the most nutrient dense foods on our planet. Try this simple Sweet Potato Kale Salad and see for yourself.

Hilary Mickell shares her wisdom and insight for what’s to come in 2024: “Diet types such as Paleo, vegetables and even eating vegan have gone mainstream. People continue to look to simplify their lives with slow cooker recipes.”


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