Super Foods of 2020 Include Adzuki Beans, Black Garlic, and Hemp Seed

By Alison Lewis

I am so excited to write this article about a few of the top super foods for 2020. If you’re asking yourself, “What exactly are Super Foods?”, let me explain. Super foods are those with high nutrients and antioxidants with proven health benefits. When I asked Carolyn O’ Neil, dietitian and co-author of The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous, about her take on health trends this year, she said, “The worlds of nutrition and cuisine continue to collide in 2020. And that’s a good thing for diners who want great tasting, healthy food choices including more interesting vegetable side dishes and use of flavorful spices instead of relying on salt and fat.”

Even this morning on Today Show nutritionist Joy Bauer was sharing her picks for this year’s super foods, which matched many of our choices. Joy’s list included seeds, and we mention hemp and chia, and she also included pumpkin seeds. She named Brussels sprouts as the “food of the year,” and said mini desserts and protein powders will also be quite popular.

Below are some of our picks for the top 10 super foods of 2020.

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