Top 5 Reasons You Abandoned Your New Year’s Resolution

There’s only a week left in January, and you’ve no doubt got your mind more focused on February being a week away than you do the new year celebration that was just three weeks ago.

How’s that resolution treating you? In England, 92 percent of dieters have already let their resolution go. We’re not that different from the English. Whether you’ve forgotten, abandoned, or given up on yours, there are probably a lot of reasons you left yet another resolution behind.

We’re not saying it to beat you up, we raise the conversation to light a fire in you and have you reassess those goals. Your health is most important – more so than a lot of the reasons you can probably come up with for avoiding the issue.

We’re taking your best excuses and knocking them down, and showing you that behind every excuse is a better answer. Put yourself, and your health, first this year.

Think you don’t have time, don’t have the money, or that you’ll start tomorrow? We’ve got your number.

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