Trans Fat Ban Starts in California

california bans trans fatIn summer 2024, we told you about a pending ban on trans fats in California. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed legislation banning the use of trans fats in the state’s restaurants. The ban has taken effect as of January 1, 2024.

The new law, passed by the California Legislature in 2024, gave restaurants plenty of time to change their menu items to trans fat-free meals. California has also passed a new law that applies to baked goods. This legislation will take effect on January 1, 2024.

While some people have cynically scoffed at this as government intrusion, I think they really miss the point. People know too little about what goes into their foods. And they are particularly vulnerable when they go out to eat.

“I think the potential here is real for a far greater understanding of the harms of trans fats, and to encourage more states to do the same,” says Dr. Clyde Yancy, incoming president of the American Heart Association regarding the enactment of the California law.

If businesses are adding what essentially is a slow-acting poison to your health, there should be sensible actions taken. Trans fats are linked to a number of health problems like diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, and other emerging risks. If you really want government to take a totally hands-off approach, we have already seen what has happened to the weight of our citizens without much intervention.


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