Twitter’s Best Smoothies: Recipes in 140 Characters or Less

I love a smoothie! Honestly there is nothing wrong with this food. It’s completely customizable, satisfying, and delicious. And let’s talk about how nutritionally dense they are. When I’m feeling run down, sluggish, or just need to reboot after an indulgent weekend, I attack my blender.

A three-city road trip with my family last weekend left me in such a state, so it’s been smoothie mornings all week. I more or less make the same version every time depending on what I have. But yesterday’s smoothie was so awesome, tasted so fresh, and four hours later had me yet to clamor for a snack, it just had to be shared on Twitter!

That avocado and spinach that you’re curling your lips at? Can’t even taste them. But your body knows they are there and that’s what matters. If I don’t make smoothies with avocados, I’m hungry an hour or two later. The healthy fats keep me satisfied well past a normal snack time.

I’m not the only one sharing smoothie recipes on Twitter. Frankly, I’m not the only one sharing what I eat on any social network. It’s a thing. I’m part of it. Sort of proud, but definitely not ashamed. So I looked around and gathered the best tweeted smoothie recipes from the past week and found enough ideas to keep us all crushing ice and fruit for a few days.






There’s obviously no right or wrong way to make a smoothie. We can offer a few other tips to help you blend up the best breakfast smoothies possible!

You can go completely vegan by omitting cow’s milk or Greek yogurt and using coconut water, almond milk, or even hemp milk as a base. Try it in the Green Tea Smoothie, available only in our Baker’s Dozen eCookbook.

You can ramp up the protein with Greek yogurt or by adding protein powder. Try it in this Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie.

You can boost the nutrition by adding flax seeds, chia seeds, or even nuts. Try it in this Strawberry Flax Smoothie.

You can get a serving of greens by adding fresh spinach or kale leaves. Try it in this Blood Orange Smoothie.

You can enjoy out of season fruits by stocking up on frozen berries, mango, or peaches. Try it in this Banana Split Smoothie.

You can enhance the flavor by adding simple ingredients that may feel a little exotic. Fresh mint leaves, cayenne pepper, almond extract, coconut, or even fresh ginger are just a few ideas. Try it in this Superfood Spinach Smoothie.

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