Urban Sweat Pioneers Relaxation Rooms for Stressed Out Americans

Many of us are well into our New Year’s resolutions by now and are moving forward with a level of enthusiasm that only happens in January. While some of us have set our intentions to achieve more and workout harder, some of us are striving to take care of our health by doing less.

We all know that being stressed out can cause a myriad of diseases. From deadly heart attacks to frustrating low back pain, stress is a word many of us would like to think of as something in the past. A lot of Americans are perpetually anxious and it is a good choice to slow down and take it easy for a change. Thankfully there are more and more places available beyond the typical yoga studio or massage parlor where one can experience some blissful down time.

At Raffa Yoga in Cranston, Rhode Island for example, members now have access to a 15,000 square foot mansion of leisure, equipped with seven heated therapy rooms to rest and experience mind-body healing. “When we relax, we are more ourselves,” says Christine Raffa, owner of Raffa Yoga and founder of Urban Sweat, a new destination where people can gather and get away from the turmoil of life.

Urban Sweat, an integral part of Raffa Yoga, began with the intention to offer more opportunity to improve health and well-being, not by adding more yoga to the schedule or increasing the intensity of classes, but by providing a space for deep relaxation. Recognizing that many cultures maintain rituals and gathering places to rest, detoxify and cleanse, Raffa thought it would be of great importance to stressed out Americans to have a place of their own as a refuge for healing.

Of the seven different therapy rooms, you will find the Himalayan Salt Grotto, which houses five and a half tons of Himalayan Rock Salt. This special salt provides the benefits of negative ionization, helps to relieve skin issues such as eczema, and is believed to alleviate the symptoms of bronchial problems. The Yellow Tumeric Sauna, at a temperature of 160 degrees, aids in the relief of arthritic conditions and helps to remove metabolic wastes from the body. Other rooms include the Black Charcoal Sauna, the Active Relaxation Room, the Eucalyptus Steam room, and for those who love a jolting wake-up call, the Artic Drench Shower.

One very important aspect of this center is that none of these treatment rooms require any other effort than to just chill out and “be more yourself.” If 99% of diseases are caused by a stressful lifestyle, Urban Sweat is doing its part to eradicate the root of our society’s health problems.

Until you can journey to Rhode Island’s Urban Sweat or visit any other place that offers deep relaxation, create your own space to rest and heal. Take a bath. Take a nap. Read an inspiring book while sipping a cup of tea, or simply just unplug, unwind and trust that doing nothing may be exactly what the doctor ordered for your new year ahead.

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