Use Your iPhone to Monitor Your Blood Pressure

iphone blood pressure monitors Two recently released products can help you keep your blood pressure in check using your iPhone. One is the iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System and the other is Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Cuff.

The iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System features a cuff and a dock for your iPhone or iPad. The device not only allows you to measure your blood pressure, but also to track changes in blood pressure and send or share results using the companion app. The dock will also charge you device.

The second, slightly more expensive monitor is the Withings iPhone Blood Pressure Cuff. This cuff has the advantage of being slightly more compact, because the cuff connects directly to you iPhone. The cuff also comes with a monitoring app that allows the user to measure, track and share.

Although medications can be prescribed to lower blood pressure, but usually it’s better for a patient’s overall health to make lifestyle changes like eating less salt and exercising more. Hopefully, products like these that can allow people to monitor their own health will produces more effective results.

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