Using the Gym with Your New Year’s Resolutions

boxingSo, many of us made New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight and get into shape once and for all. How are you doing with that? If you are like many of us, you joined a gym. But if you are new to fitness or weight loss, you might be unsure of exactly what to do in the gym.

I went to the gym today and noticed that it was much more full than usual, and then I realized that many of the people I saw were new. Many of them were unsure of how to use the equipment; I saw some women doing exercises that were designed to do the very opposite of what the attendee wanted: ten minutes of reps on the adductor machine, for example, will do nothing to reduce the size of your thighs, for that, you need cardio. What might very well happen to these women, as is very common, is that they will not see the results they desire and give up, convinced that working out doesn’t work for her.

How can you avoid wasting your time with the wrong exercises, the incorrect efforts? By using a personal trainer. Before you say, “No,” or “I can’t,” hear me out. Utilizing the services of a personal trainer is not just for those looking to bulk up, professional muscle builders or celebrities. A personal trainer can help you figure out the areas that you need to work on and the goals you want to achieve, and will help you formulate a plan to get there. A personal trainer can be your motivator, your conscience, your friend and can help you look forward to working out. Most gyms offer personal training service. The gym that I use offers free training in groups of four, which can be a terrific way to make friends and find others to work out with.

Worried about the cost? Consider it a long term investment in your health and well being. Using the services of a trainer isn’t forever; in fact, you can use a trainer as frequently as you desire, or for a set length of time. You might be able to split the cost with a friend or even barter for services.

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