Village on a Diet Documents a Canadian Town Planning to Collectively Lose One Ton

With losing weight being the most common New Year’s resolution, it’s no surprise that the weight-loss show,“Village on a Diet,” airs at a time of increased gym membership and diet supplement sales.

Broadcast by CBC, this 10-part series documents the residents of Taylor, a British Columbia town, and the trials and tribulations that come with learning how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Over 60 percent of the residents of Taylor are either overweight or obese, but the town plans to change this statistic by losing a collective ton.

The small town, with a population of 1,400, admits to eating a diet of mostly meat and potatoes and forgoing exercise during the cold winter months. This series plans to change the citizens’ lifestyles by teaching them how to cook healthily while being whipped into shape by two of Canada’s best personal trainers: Garfield Wilson and Mike Veinot.

Other weight-loss experts include obesity specialist Dr. Ali Zentner, registered dietitian Maria Thomas, chef Jonathan Chovancek and registered psychologist Adele Fox. Along with the help of these experts,  a local gym was built to set the town on a straight and narrow path.

I hope the show, which premiered on Jan. 3 and airs on Mondays at 9 p.m., will become a catalyst for other small towns to try such weight loss programs. I think the key to transitioning to a healthy lifestyle is doing it along the side of others with similar weight issues. It seems to me that citizens are more likely to stay healthy with the encouragement of a whole town.


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