Weight Watchers… for Men

The diet season is in high gear. So, the airwaves are filled with diet programs and products proclaiming that they’re the best solution for you. One of the commercials in heavy rotation right now comes from Weight Watchers. “Stop dieting, start living” is the commercial’s slogan. It cautions viewers about all the crazy schemes to help you lose weight, pleading with you to stop dieting. I don’t know why Weight Watchers doesn’t consider themselves a diet, but in any event…Weight Watchers has been around for a long time, so they must be doing something right. Most likely it’s how they structure their point system and in-person meetings. As in most dieting, Weight Watchers has generally been a lady’s destination. But the company is out to change that. NutriSystem has hit the male market hard, and so Weight Watchers is following suit. As you might suspect, they try to cater to men’s stubborn eating habits. Men want their burgers and pizza, and there’s not much you can do to change that. So, these foods are marketed, just in a sensible way. Weight Watchers is sure to point out what sets them apart, which is that you eat “real” foods, not the prepackaged variety.I don’t know how successful the program has been so far, but it seems like an uphill battle to get guys to join a structured diet plan, especially one that entails keeping track of food points. For more on the program, check out our formal review of Weight Watchers for Men.

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