What to Expect from the AdvoCare 24 Day Challenge


You can’t drive down the highway these days without seeing at least one car with some version of  an “Ask me about AdvoCare!” window decal proudly displayed on it. But if you want to know more about this diet before dialing a random number scrawled across a back windshield, read on.

AdvoCare’s 24-Day Challenge is a comprehensive supplement and nutrition program designed to give your body the jump start it needs to help you reach whatever your goals may be, from weight loss to weight management, to increased energy, or to see an improvement in your overall health and wellness.

The 24-Day Challenge is split into 2 phases, The Cleanse Phase and The Max Phase, where challengers consume specific daily supplements at specific times, while preparing their own well-balanced, nutritious meals of their choice. The 24-Day Challenge products can be purchased individually, or as a bundle, which includes one box of meal replacement shakes, two boxes of natural energy drink packets, one bottle of omega vitamins, and the supplements for each phase of the challenge, which are available in three different formulas depending on personal preference and needs.

The Challenge products include supplements like the Herbal Cleanse System, taken during the Cleanse Phase, which is a blend of herbal ingredients designed to help rid your body of waste and prepare it for optimal nutrient absorption, and everyone’s favorite AdvoCare Spark, a sugar-free, multi-nutrient drink you consume throughout the challenge to increase energy levels and mental focus without over stimulating your body like most energy drinks.

Products can be purchased through the AdvoCare website, or you can sign up as a distributor in order to save on your own products, while also gaining the ability to sell AdvoCare products to other people for a percentage of the sales. Those window decals? Those are distributors who will earn money if you buy AdvoCare through them.

Wait, what? I can make money? So how does this whole distributor thing work?

We had that same question, so we spoke with Advocare Distributor Stephanie VanderVelden, from Seattle, WA, to find out more about it.

“As a distributor, there is a yearly fee ($50) that is due for rights to sell AdvoCare to other people,” she explained to DietsinReview. “Depending on your sales, there is also a discount for buying stuff for yourself, which is why I think a lot of people sign up as distributors. You make a percentage back on sales; what you sell and what the people under you sell. Signing up other distributors is the fastest way to make money. I get a percentage back of what people I signed up have sold.”

Yes, that sounds exactly like pyramid scheme, but despite all our digging, we were unable to find anyone – distributor or dieter – who ever had a negative experience with this set up. There are other benefits to being a distributor, as well.

” The distributor program is also incentive based; there are different levels depending on sales and rewards that go along with them,” she explained.

Conferences are held throughout the year, which are mostly utilized by people who try to make selling Advocare a more “full time” job. For those people looking to make a real income, training materials are also available to distributors, which include literature about products, business practices, personal development, and are all accessed through the website when you log on as a distributor.

Most people don’t start AdvoCare as a money making endeavor, but are pulled in after trying the products and wanting to continue to use them on a regular basis without paying full price.

“When I did the 24-Day Challenge, I really liked it!” VanderVelden said of her own AdvoCare experience. “Beyond the supplements and special energy drinks, it didn’t feel gimmicky or “too much”.  After my challenge ended, I continued to purchase the meal replacement shakes and some of the vitamins. For me, the best part was establishing a routine and really clean eating. I did lose about 10 pounds during the 24 days, which was nice, but was really just a bonus for all the other general healthy feelings I was having. Energy was way up, never felt hungry, sleep was amazing… makes me want to do it again!” 

To learn more about the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge, check out our full review here.

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