Wichita Man Drops 155 Pounds with Small Changes

Many weight loss success stories begin with a personal revelation. That moment when it suddenly strikes the person like a lightning bolt that something has to change. For John Thompson of Wichita, Kansas, that moment came when he weighed in for a job physical only to see the number on the scale read 400 pounds.

With so much to lose, it would be easy to understand if John was feeling a bit overwhelmed. Luckily, he took some powerful words of wisdom to heart.

“I knew I had to change but didn’t know what to do. I watched Dr. Oz a lot, he always said change something, start small,” says John. “So I started with brown rice instead of crap sides like bread and butter.”

From there the positive changes started to pile up. John quit drinking soda, minimized fast food, ate out less and started watching his portions. Most importantly of all, he stopped drinking alcohol, which was a problem he only saw after a DUI charge.

“I was crushed and realized I had to quit drinking because I made terrible choices while drinking. This slowly became the best thing that ever happened to me.”

After finding out that his weight loss hit an amazing 100 pounds, John kicked it up a notch by beginning to exercise. He decided to use the Biggest Loser game for Wii Fit.

“It had weigh-ins, calorie counter, measurements tracking, exercise tracker, exercise routines and an in-board cookbook.”

John used his Wii Fit until someone broke into his home and stole all of his electronics. Undeterred, he continued running outside, starting at just 10 minutes at a time then eventually getting to seven miles!

Variety is key in both diet and exercise, and John made sure things didn’t get boring in his workout routine. He began using a Danskin kettle bell workout after work, which lasted for about two months.

“I felt myself getting used to it so I got a Biggest Loser workout DVD that I am still using now in tandem with running and lifting weights. I have a new one on order, I do them for about six weeks and cycle ’em out.”

What started out as small changes has ended in a totally new lifestyle. John now weighs 245 pounds, down an amazing 155 pounds from that fateful weigh-in day.

“I am in the best shape of my life. I eventually sought help with quitting drinking and started going to church soon after. I also joined AA which has been a Godsend.”

John has found a calling of sorts in his weight loss, wanting to help others who have struggled the way he has.

“I started writing a book at the behest of a friend but I also want to do whatever else I can to get my story out there so people can see where I came from and realize they can do it too.”

Now John has given up fast food, but still treats himself to dining out maybe once a week, sometimes just once a month. Even then, he pays attention to what he orders and will bring home extras.

There are also occasional indulgences in his old favorites, like candy and fried chicken, but he’s found a way to not overdo it.

“I really love food though so there is plenty I take part in from time to time.  I try to counter act with additional exercise or less calories throughout the day.”

The most important thing is that John makes many more good decisions now than bad. He eats a lot of fruit and vegetables every day, and worked to create his own healthy recipes, inspired by the Biggest Loser cookbook that came with the Wii Fit game.

Now that he runs, lift weights, and does The Biggest Loser Power Sculpt and Cardio Max, John hasn’t settled for where he is now. He’s eyeing another 50 pounds of weight loss!

“I am going to get down to 200 pounds. That is plenty light for my frame and will be exactly half what I used to way. When I found out I had lost 100 pounds barely trying, I knew I could get to a healthy weight with effort.”

John closes with some final thoughts for people who would like to have success with their own weight loss: “You can do it, start small and build on it. Next thing you know you’ll be doing more than you ever thought possible. Love yourself and demand more from yourself!”

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