Work it Off: Burn Away the 250 Calories from 2 Glasses of Red Wine

This year my family skipped the holiday get-together, opting instead to gather for a mid-January weekend in Sonoma, California. Sonoma, which is about an hour and a half north of San Francisco, is in the heart of California wine country. My parents, sister, and I all agreed this was the perfect destination for a getaway because we’re all oenophiles. (Oenophile? I know. It’s a pretentious word that’s impossible to pronounce, but it sounds so much more dignified than, “we all really enjoy a good glass of Pinot”.)

  REd wine

It probably goes without say that there was a lot of wine on the menu this weekend. There were wine tastings at a few vineyards and then large dinners which were, of course, accompanied by more vino. The food was spectacular—that’s another given in NorCal—but it’s the wine I’m most worried about throwing off my resolutions.

Luckily, much of the wine we drink will be doled out in tiny little portions, but those tasting room visits add up. (In my opinion, it’s still totally worth it—after all, wine is good for your health.) But back to calorie count. Let’s say, that over the span of an afternoon, I manage to drink the equivalent of 2 glasses of wine. That adds up to 250 extra calories. How exactly do I burn that of?

Here are 3 ways to negate the 250 calories that come with two glasses of red wine:


By window-shopping for 70 minutes.



By doing Pilates for 42 minutes.



By working on a puzzle for 105 minutes. (Better be a 1,000 piece one!)


I wound up doing a combo—some window shopping and lots of puzzle solving!


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