Your Favorite Celebrities Get Red Carpet Fit for the 2022 Golden Globes

There are just a few more hours before the red carpet is rolled out and Hollywood’s top stars strut down the walk of fame for this year’s Golden Globe awards. As the cameras roll and pictures are captured, the stars want to be looking their best. Check out what some of the top contenders do to stay “red carpet fit.”

Funny man Ricky Gervais will be hosting this year’s Golden Globes again. While his zingers are what gain him the most attention, he has been noticed for his weight loss this year too. Gervais has dropped about 20 pounds recently. He credits his girlfriend for the success. While attempting to lose weight herself, she began cooking healthier for them both. In addition, Gervais began running. So the tried and true combo of exercising more and eating less has made Gervais ready to look trim in his tux as he notoriously slams celebrities on Sunday night.

The nominees for best performance by an actor in a motion picture include many “A-List” actors including George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt. These screen veterans are no strangers to the lime light and they tend to make sure they are camera fit at all times.

George Clooney stays fit by following a balanced diet. He eats high protein foods, lots of fruit and vegetables, and keeps his fat and carb intake low. Clooney’s exercise routine includes aerobics and yoga. Clooney does 90 minute Bikram, or “hot yoga” sessions, even while filming. The hot yoga can speed up metabolism and burn fat faster.

Leonardo DiCaprio received a lot of attention for his dramatic weight loss for his role in last year’s “Inception.” That is not the type of dieting he’s known to do on a daily basis, though. As an avid environmentalist, DiCaprio is a very clean eater and sticks to mainly organic foods. He’s notorious for not touching all the junk that lines the craft services tables during shoots. DiCaprio is another believer in eating less and exercising more when it comes to diets. He’s a weight lifter and relies on strength training for most of his exercise.

Brad Pitt’s fitness has been under the microscope since his roll in “Fight Club.” Fans have wanted to know how to get fight-ready ever since. Pitt engages in some very intense weight and resistance exercises to get the figure we see on the screen. For particular roles, he gets tuned up by spending two to three hours in the gym and has a specific high protein, low carb diet.

The women get less grace on the red carpet. The guys can hide their holiday indulgences under a tux if they choose, but those glamor gowns are not as forgiving. The Best Performance by an Actress category is loaded with this year’s best body predictions.

Charlize Theron is expected to wow the crowds. Theron keeps her stunning figure by adhering to a diet loaded with raw fruits and vegetables. While she loves red meat, she pairs most meals with a hearty serving of vegetables to ward off any further hunger cravings. When she has to lose some weight she avoids alcohol and starchy foods. Theron chooses the outdoors for her exercise. She prefers cycling or even walking verses an indoor machine.

Sharing the top category with Theron is funny woman, Kristen Wiig. Wiig is expected to grab the camera’s attention with her healthy looks. Wiig may be able to attribute her lean figure to her vegetarian diet. Wiig sticks to a meat-free diet and eats lots of tofu and soy. Wiig also makes sure she drinks plenty of water and admits she has a cranberry juice addiction.

Praised for her work on screen and for her curves off screen, Kate Winslet is up for Best Actress tomorrow as well. Before she takes her seat, the media will be all eyes on this healthy actress. Winslet has always gone against the grain of the twig-thin actress image. She admits that she refuses to be thin, and especially torture herself to get there. Winslet is comfortable in her curves and tries to lead the way for other women. She admits to liking her meat and has no interest in only eating salads. Winslet does believe in exercising and swims frequently to stay fit.

These healthy bods will walk the red carpet during NBC’s live coverage starting Sunday night.

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