Your Plan to Get the Body of Your Dreams

There is a great deal of hard work that goes into having the body of your dreams. Every “body” is different which requires you to find something that works specifically for you. Your best friend may have just found the answer to his or her fitness dreams, but that answer may not work for you. My advice is to try as many things as you possibly can and figure out which of those allows you to find the results you’ve always wanted.

Obviously, a low fat diet and consistent exercise are the two main ingredients that go into the fitness equation, but there is so much more detail that falls into that equation as well. Staying active throughout the day is vital. Staying on your feet and being active throughout the day will help keep the body an efficient calorie burning machine.

Another big ingredient is motivation. Motivation is absolutely huge and without it, you will fall short every time. Remember that instant gratification, which is human nature, is a term that is forbidden in the workout world. Results take time and motivation allows that time to take place. You didn’t put those extra pounds on over night, so they definitely won’t come off over night. With that being said, check out a sample routine below that has helped several people that I know find the body of their dreams!

Dream Body Bound Workout:

Cardiovascular Training (45-60 minutes per day):

The goal is to keep your heart rate around 70% to 90% of your heart rate max.

220 – (age) = HR max

.7 x (HR max) = target heart rate, or

.9 x (HR max) = target heart rate

Weight Training Routine: 15 to 20 repetitions of each exercise at a moderate weight

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