3 Ways to Find Weight Loss Motivation

devin alexanderThose who are very familiar with me and my work know that I have lots of cooking tips and tricks up my sleeve, along with some pretty unique recipes. They also know that I have a deep love for the decadent. Recently, I sent out a “Call for Questions” as part of my monthly newsletter (sign up for free at DevinAlexander.com if you haven’t already)—I wanted my readers to tell me what questions they wanted to me to answer and/or write about in upcoming newsletters and blogs. While I was open to any and all cooking questions, inquiries about my 55-pound weight loss and maintenance, and even questions about my personal tastes, etc., what I did not expect was to receive literally thousands of emails from people asking, “How do you stay motivated?”. I kid you not, though I’m most known for cooking, over 80% of the questions were about motivation.

Since motivation has been on my mind almost non-stop this week and so many people seek “answers,” it seems obvious that this should be the topic of this week’s blog.

I’ve found motivation in tons of places over the years. Being a busy person, like so many of you, I admit that it truly is easy to lose. And I know that motivation is a very personal thing. What motivates one person just might not motivate another. But there are definitely a few key actions that have helped me over the years.  Here are the top three:

1. Bye Bye Boy Ts: Many years ago, I used to live in Boy Ts and men’s flannel or oxford shirts. It was my subconscious way of hiding my body. I didn’t like it so I just hid it. Then I resolved to forever get rid of all tees that weren’t made for a woman (replacements didn’t need to be tight, just have shape) and to stop wearing men’s clothing period (unless I was actually at my boyfriend’s wearing his—we all know that can be sexy). It forced me to resolve that I was going to take care of myself and be proud of how I presented myself to the world—that “reminder” of what I actually looked like helped me make better food choices that were a lot less harmful to my figure.

2. Create Buddy-Hood: Truth be told, I’m almost NEVER able to get myself to the gym by myself. When I have a bit of extra cash, I hire a trainer. When I don’t, I make workout “appointments” – whether it be selecting a class at a local gym that I actually put on my calendar or just “booking” a reliable friend, I know that I will keep the appointment when it’s with someone else. And, as extra motivation, it never hurts if your workout buddy is either a) a hot member of the opposite sex (why is it that great eye-candy makes workouts go so much faster?) or b) someone who inspires you in some way so you finish your workout mentally refreshed as well as physically.

3. Get a BodyBugg or other calorie-monitoring device. I find my BodyBugg to be insanely helpful in keeping me motivated. I can’t help but feel guilty about not burning enough calories in a day if I have an ever-present band around my arm reminding me that I strive to be my prettiest (most fit) self!

Hopefully, one of these tips will speak to you and get you moving.  If number three appeals most, be sure to check back here because I’m soon going to be giving a BodyBugg away on DietsInReview.com. If one of these other tips helps, great. If not, be sure to start following my free monthly newsletter (I’m going to have a guest “Loser” (as in Biggest Loser contestant) or trainer sharing more motivation each month starting with March’s newsletter!)

Happy Cooking…and Moving!

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Chef Devin Alexander is the author of several healthy cookbooks, including The Most Decadent Diet Ever! and The Biggest Loser Cookbook.

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